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Re: 1060, 96.9...

(Removing a boat load of snips, quotes, etc...)

I'll agree with a stronger news base on 969 might help it along...simply
because I'm a news junkie.  (Who woulda thunk...a news junkie and a jazz
fan - all in the same person?!?!)

Believe me I'm not against a news/talker on FM by no stretch of the
imagination...and yes I know WBUR is a news outlet...but I've always
considered WBUR a "sophisticated" news operation...rather than the likes of
RKO, BZ and now MEX...which seems to be "news for the common person."

(OK, I'm ready to be blasted for that comment...)

But there's also something to be said for the "stale" nature of radio in
general in Boston.  There are certain hosts/programs I would love to hear
gone from Boston airwaves (and some on a national scale), just for the sake
of bringing in "newer blood"...notice I didn't say "younger blood", just a
newer sound.  And no, I'm not going to mention who I would get rid of if I
could play "Who Wants To Be A General Manager"...heck...a good chunk of the
people on this list would love to play that game.  Does that mean we'd be
right?  Heck no.

Marc Lemay