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Re: 1060, 96.9...

 << Marc Lemay wrote:
 >Can I put in my vote for jazz or Radio Disney? : )
 > > 96.9 (shrug)  IMHO is boring...........and I've tried togive them a 
 >>>>Marc's posting snipped here<<<<<
 >Am I taking this whole format thing too personally?  Probably.>>

brian_vita@cssinc.com writes: (regarding 96.9)
 At least when they figure out the  format has tanked and (again) change the 
calls, they can sell the domain  name to the next station that adopts them.  
Given their current ratings,  the domain name may prove to be the most 
valuable asset.>>

Then brian responded to Marc's posting with:
 <<Gee, when I said this I was told that I was the president of the "Get a 
 life club".  Wanna be the VP? ;-) >>

note the difference in the posting, Brian.  Marc said 96.9 was boring.  you 
know what?  at times, it is, as is my own show overnights.  follow the 
format, and hope that you can inject something different or individual into 
it and maybe make it better.  when you're doing it live, there's no rewinding 
for take two.  
    and in defense of the local 96.9 hosts, who are only local/live for 12 
hours a day, it's a struggle for them each time they put on the headphones.  
until there is an acceptance by the audience that they are there, then it 
will be a struggle.  the hosts will always have to over-prepare, and hope to 
God that they'll never use any of the material, instead being able to start a 
topic and then watch it run.
   your most recent posting, to which i took exception, indicated the format 
"...had tanked."  the format is still a new concept to the Boston audience.  
talk and FM are not mutually exclusive, and until the available listening 
audience realizes that, it will not be a ratings bonanza overnight.  are 
their numbers less than what management had hoped for?  more than likely.  
    will the management take into consideration comments such as those made 
on the list?  more than likely.   i'd like to see them take the news comments 
more seriously.  if 96.9 had a deeper, local news team to go along with the 
talented hosts they've currently got, then maybe the hosts would have the 
chance to play off of a breaking news story, as do the other talkers. 
    Marc's comment was that he finds the 96.9 format boring.
    your comment was more of a blanket "they suck" kind of thing and that the 
96.9 mitter should be boarded up and the call letters/web domain name sold.

oh, and can i be secretary?  i keep pretty good notes???

- -Chuck (if elected, i will not serve)  Igo