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Re: 1060, 96.9...

In a message dated 05/19/2000 7:34:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time, mmkc@msn.com 

<< Can I still put in my vote for jazz or Radio Disney?  >>


    jazz or RadioDisney on the FM dial would be great.  i've got two presets 
on the buggy's up here for RadioDisney(Boston & NYC), and we'll listen to 
that over the morning shows on the CHR's up here (they have a tendancy to 
forget that they're not 25+ stations, although they think they are...).  it 
would be even be a very nice treat to get one of the signals up this way 
(Portland) to put on some Ears, am or fm.
   jazz?  yep.  i like it.  (someone check Brian for a pulse???  ;-)   )  
when 98.9 in Brunswick was doing their jazz format (live local during the 
day, then the syndicated "Breeze" at night), it was a great station.  and 
(ready on the defibrilators?  clear.) i am very much a fan of the artists 
whose works grace the Windham Hill label, among others.
    was i pleased when the format went away in Boston this last go 'round?  
nope.  even posted same.  
    have i learned that management may not always be right, but they're still 
the management?   yep.   
    perhaps, though, through several incarnations, the format just doesn't 
want to fly at this time.  will someone try again?  more than likely.  the 
last time there were call letters in Boston combining W, T and K, it was a 
station that was "...too country for rock, and too rock for country..." .  
now we have a country station that does very well in the market.  it just 
took twenty-five years for the market to embrace it.  perception changes 
everything, i guess.  so when David Benoit can look like Faith Hill on satin 
sheets... (dirty old man mode off).

- -Chuck Igo