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Re: 1060, 96.9...

At 07:34 AM 5/19/00 -0400, Marc Lemay wrote:
>Can I put in my vote for jazz or Radio Disney? : )
> > 96.9 (shrug)  IMHO is boring...........and I've tried togive them a
>Can I still put in my vote for jazz or Radio Disney?  There's just something
>annoying about listening to the one-hit wonders of today in AM.  And I
>know...jazz in Boston...I know the routine...have it for a year or
>so...notice the ratings are in the tank...change it to "format du
>jour"...hey...I'll take jazz again for another year.  It's been about that
>much now that we've been without...haven't we been punished long enough?
>Am I taking this whole format thing too personally?  Probably.
Gee, when I said this I was told that I was the president of the "Get a 
life club".  Wanna be the VP? ;-)

Brian, President (by vote of the list)
Get A Life Club