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Re: 1060, 96.9...

I have heard regular folk in Cambridge complain they have trouble hearing
1060 clearly......they don't understand all that goes into it.

96.9 (shrug)  IMHO is boring...........and I've tried togive them a chance.

NOW   IS it possible that a mix of news-music-light talk banter that has
worked in other markets COULD work here? It worked for WHDH 25 years
ago.....why not again?

Seems to be worth a shot at least....

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> The numbers for the new talkers in town are, um, well...  Could it be
> that AM 680 is just so penetratingly successful with that format so as
> to satiate the demo?  Or, are we seeing Stern's morning numbers
> effecting the formula in a way similar to "Millionaire" on the TV
> national nos.? Mix out and see how they fall, otherwise.
> Bill O'Neill