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Re: 1060, 96.9...

Can I put in my vote for jazz or Radio Disney? : )

> 96.9 (shrug)  IMHO is boring...........and I've tried togive them a

Ditto... (oops) the conversation just doesn't have the same "punch" that
other talkers (even in Boston) have when it comes to hosts and content.

> NOW   IS it possible that a mix of news-music-light talk banter that has
> worked in other markets COULD work here? It worked for WHDH 25 years
> ago.....why not again?
> Seems to be worth a shot at least....

Can I still put in my vote for jazz or Radio Disney?  There's just something
annoying about listening to the one-hit wonders of today in AM.  And I
know...jazz in Boston...I know the routine...have it for a year or
so...notice the ratings are in the tank...change it to "format du
jour"...hey...I'll take jazz again for another year.  It's been about that
much now that we've been without...haven't we been punished long enough?

Am I taking this whole format thing too personally?  Probably.

Marc Lemay