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Re: Subtle Changes at WBZ

At 11:10 PM 5/17/00 -0400, Chris Beckwith wrote:
>Brian Vita wrote:
>...WBZ is extremely successful the way that it
>is.  If they tinker with the format they stand to lose market share. <
>Which might just open up the market for another player in the all-news
>game.  Maybe Greater Media's WTKK would be inspired to beef up its news

OTOH, WRKO felt the need a few years ago to tinker with its format and it 
dumped in the numbers big time.  From what was being said, it sounded as 
though WBZ is simply trying to make the format a cookie cutter of its other 
news-radio ops.  If WTKK decided to go news-radio, it would take time to 
establish itself and would likely be a while before its numbers even 
approached WBZ's.  I would leave well enough alone and simply tighten up on 
the production boo boos that have plagued them of late.

>Incidentally, I notice that Greater Media, and not some
>"entrepreneur" in New Hampshire, owns the WTKK.COM domain now.

Its good that they own the site now.  At least when they figure out the 
format has tanked and (again) change the calls, they can sell the domain 
name to the next station that adopts them.  Given their current ratings, 
the domain name may prove to be the most valuable asset.


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