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Re: WILD sold

Clearly, you've been listening to WBOT on a better radio than I've tried. As
for WILD and the CH power cut (to 1 kW), do you mean you've actually heard
WILD cut power two hours before sunset or increase power two hours after
sunrise? If so, you're the first person I've run into that's noticed it and
mentioned it. If you had said that, during CH, WILD is bothered on the
fringes by daytime skywave from WBAL, I could believe that. Although I
haven't noticed it (the signal where I live must be close to 10 mV/m), I've
often wondered why I haven't. The fact is, though, that WBAL doesn't seem to
come in like gangbusters here until Baltimore sunset, when it switches to
directional operation.


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Subject: RE: WILD sold

>My feeling is there is not much area that WILD covers 'cleanly' that WBOT
>doesn't cover that has any minority community to speak of. Lowell and
>Lawrence, 2 "potential" areas for an urban station are somewhat far for
>WILD, though with a decent radio, it might be listenable, but would be
>affected by the 2-hour before sunset 'critical hours' power drop.
>WBOT makes it to about Woburn when heading due North out of Boston before
>the signal starts hitting some trouble (seems to be a 'line' for WINQ from
>Winchedon MA that hits Woburn enough to mess with 'BOT's signal there. WBOT
>actually recovers a little further north on I-93 for about 5 more miles
>before it becomes unlistenable.)
>IMHO, the simulcast would be tantamount to having 1090 off the air. The
>leased foreign language (spanish religious, perhaps) might make sense.