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RE: WILD sold

I have heard the 'cut out" for 1-2 seconds at 2hr pre-sunset, though I'm
usually still to close to the TX to notice a power difference (still at work
in Boston).

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH
(I'll check it out today, would that be 6PM for the month of May?)

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> Subject: Re: WILD sold
> Clearly, you've been listening to WBOT on a better radio than
> I've tried. As
> for WILD and the CH power cut (to 1 kW), do you mean you've actually heard
> WILD cut power two hours before sunset or increase power two hours after
> sunrise? If so, you're the first person I've run into that's
> noticed it and
> mentioned it. If you had said that, during CH, WILD is bothered on the
> fringes by daytime skywave from WBAL, I could believe that. Although I
> haven't noticed it (the signal where I live must be close to 10
> mV/m), I've
> often wondered why I haven't. The fact is, though, that WBAL
> doesn't seem to
> come in like gangbusters here until Baltimore sunset, when it switches to
> directional operation.
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> Date: Monday, May 15, 2000 8:57 PM
> Subject: RE: WILD sold
> >My feeling is there is not much area that WILD covers 'cleanly' that WBOT
> >doesn't cover that has any minority community to speak of. Lowell and
> >Lawrence, 2 "potential" areas for an urban station are somewhat far for
> >WILD, though with a decent radio, it might be listenable, but would be
> >affected by the 2-hour before sunset 'critical hours' power drop.
> >
> >WBOT makes it to about Woburn when heading due North out of Boston before
> >the signal starts hitting some trouble (seems to be a 'line' for
> WINQ from
> >Winchedon MA that hits Woburn enough to mess with 'BOT's signal
> there. WBOT
> >actually recovers a little further north on I-93 for about 5 more miles
> >before it becomes unlistenable.)
> >
> >IMHO, the simulcast would be tantamount to having 1090 off the air. The
> >leased foreign language (spanish religious, perhaps) might make sense.