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Re: WILD sold

Absolutely. With its TX in Malden, WILD covers very well in downtown Boston,
the North Shore, and the northen and northwestern suburbs--areas that WBOT
either doesn't reach at all or that require delicate fiddling with the

As for the period when what is now WAMG ran the satellite UAC format, didn't
it make a relatively strong showing in the first full ratings period after
the flip? I seem to recall that 1150 went from nowhere to about a 0.6 and
took nearly all of that out of WILD's audience, which dropped by about 0.5
points, so that 1150 was only about 0.3 points behind WILD. Have I got that

If I'm right, imagine what 1150 might have done with some sort of local
presence and any promotion at all.


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>        On the simulcasting idea, I'm not even familiar enough with WBOT's
>signal to know how well it covers the market. Would WILD, during the part
>of the day that it's on, augment the WBOT coverage area of the market?