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Re: So Long, Hal Knight

On 8 May 00, at 8:15, Chuckigo@aol.com wrote:

> sadly, the illegitimi have indeed carborundumed Portland's Hal Knight.  (not 
> sure on my latin spelling)  Hal Knight, after 30+ years in radio, some 26 of 
> them at WPOR, is packing it in and heading south to Florida where he's 
> accepted a position as a customer service/tech helper with a software 
> company.  

I have worked with Hal since I started at 420 Western Ave.  He is, 
in every sense of the phrase, a radio professional.   Hal is already 
missed.  I wish him and his family well in Tampa-St. Pete.  Just 
watch out for the pelicans!  :)

Dan Cole,
WGAN et al