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WJYY morning show

The morning musical chairs game may be coming to an end at WJYY (105.5
Concord NH) but it's hard to tell.  Since "The Kevin Hilley Wake-Up
Show" came to an end February 25 when Mr. Hilley left for Albany NY,
we've heard various combinations of Konrad Kayne, Ernie & Jane, Tommy D,
Judy Pancoast, Big Bob Payne, and somebody named Wendy (I think) on the
morning shift.  And who can forget "Mornings with Fuzzball," which
didn't even last 3 weeks?  I suspect the folks at 'JYY are trying to

As of last Friday (May 5) the "105-5 'JYY Breakfast Jam with Kid Cruise
and Sammie" settled into the shift.  This one should be a keeper...but
Sammie wasn't there this morning.  It was explained that she's on
vacation for a few weeks.  After one day???  Okay, whatever.  Hang in
there, Kid (whom I presume to be the Ray Matthews recently of WXLO
mentioned in other postings here).