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Re: Observations......

By the time I reached Tilton, NH on Saturday........WBZ was nowhere to be

On Patriots Day however I listened to the Marathon clear as bell as far SW
as Rye NY ( then WINS) kicked in...
BTW  WTIC did not carry the Sox that day.... held on to WHYN til New Haven
then WMCA knocked them out... no way to hear the Sox... :(

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> Greetings Folks:
>     While sitting in parking lot for 30 minutes near Portsmouth NH today,
> noticed the following.....
> WMEX-1060 comes in louder than WBZ.  A LOT louder.   Is BZ still on low
> power... even on Sunday?    Is BZ giving credit/partial refunds to their
> advertisers for their lower power broadcasting of recent?
> WWNH-1340, Brian Dodge's station (ooops,  his wife's station) is on the
> today.  I know most of you are relieved to hear that.
> Couldn't figure out what was coming in so well on 1170......   Til I
> it was the AM on Cape Cod.
> WVNH (or whatever it is now) was coming in fairly well, louder than I
> have expected since Portsmouth is in the null.
> ---jibguy