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Re: Observations......

Greetings Folks:
    While sitting in parking lot for 30 minutes near Portsmouth NH today, I 
noticed the following.....

WMEX-1060 comes in louder than WBZ.  A LOT louder.   Is BZ still on low 
power... even on Sunday?    Is BZ giving credit/partial refunds to their 
advertisers for their lower power broadcasting of recent?

WWNH-1340, Brian Dodge's station (ooops,  his wife's station) is on the air 
today.  I know most of you are relieved to hear that.

Couldn't figure out what was coming in so well on 1170......   Til I realized 
it was the AM on Cape Cod.

WVNH (or whatever it is now) was coming in fairly well, louder than I would 
have expected since Portsmouth is in the null.