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Glick on WMEX 1060

Larry Glick _may_ actually be testing the waters for a 
return to Boston radio. In addition to his guest shot 
with Steve LeVeille (or is it LeVeillee) on WBZ, 
Thursday overnight or Friday AM (which to call it has
been debated here in so many postings, I've lost count), 
he was on for an hour (by phone from Florida) this 
afternoon (Sunday 4/30 3:00 to 4:00 PM) with Joe Albiani 
and Dennis Golden on WMEX 1060's Original Trivia Show. 
Joe and Dennis kept referring to him as WMEX's own Larry 
Glick (a reference, I guess, to Larry's original Boston 
gig at the _old_ New WMEX 1510 back in the late '50s 
and '60s). Albiani and Golden mentioned several times 
that they hoped Glick would soon be on more regularly. I 
have a feeling that WMEX might displace some other 
program from its weekend lineup to make room for Glick 
if he expressed interest in being on the air again on a 
regular basis in Boston. I guess even overnights are 
possible, because WMEX, which is a daytimer, broadcasts 
on the Internet in both RealAudio and Windows Media
Player formats. The Internet covers the same 38 states 
and nine (I think) Canadian provinces that WBZ claims to 
cover, and throws in the rest of the world as a bonus.

One kind of sad thing that Larry said is that he has 
thrown out all of the material he had on tape from his 
WBZ years. He specifically mentioned the Billy Clyde 
orangutan story, which really was one of the funniest 
comedy bits ever heard on the radio. I guess Billy Clyde 
called during Glick's earlier guest shot with LeVeille.


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