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RE: Larry Glick

1)  I agree that the explanation about Larry is correct.
2)  Timing was mostly responsible for Dave's changes.
3)  Bob is that way. He did not want a fuss. Bob had a wonderful career in
radio. Bob is not prone to nostalgia. He always felt what was ahead is what
counted most.  He left on his own terms, a rare event in the world of

Ira Apple

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<<  Can anyone / Is anyone willing to / dish the dirt here? Why did
 Larry Glick leave WBZ, anyhow?  >>

It is my understanding that it was simply a matter of WHDH offering Glick a
big money, long term contract at a time when his contract at WBZ was ending.
I don't think there is any dirt to dish.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine