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Re: Newburgh's WGNY flips back to News

>I mean, a one day April Fools' Day stunt is one thing.  Running a different
>format for ten entire days - thus losing your original listeners, only to
>then lose whatever listeners you picked up with the "new" format - smells
>like something else entirely.

I should note that WGNY had an oldies format for several years prior to 
going to news last Fall. More amazing is that the same morning jock/host, 
Joe Manglass, has been at the station through various format flip-flops and 
a frequency change (save a few ill-spent months at WGNY-FM, which runs ABC's 
Hot AC service).

>Are both formats off the bird?

Yep. The oldies service is ABC's "Real Gold" service, the news is the AP 
All-News service.

>If so, then that could mean it was a
>"cleaning crew mistake", or perhaps an April Fools' Day joke of another
>kind (as in, "betcha 20 bucks the owner doesn't notice!").

It wasn't. They notified the Times-Herald Record (local paper for Orange 
County), which gave them a story which appeared awfuly close to the 
flipback. I smell lame publicity stunt.

The management of WGNY AM/FM has to be some of the worst in local radio. 
Sunrise Broadcasting, the owners, seem to be intent on getting insane 
overhead by glutting up formats. For over 10 years, people have wanted--and 
expected--WGNY-FM to flip to a urban format. However, Sunrise keeps it going 
because they get fair numbers in their target demo (upscale women 25-54). 
Also, on both sides, the overhead is insanely low (only have to pay 
board-ops, the FM's two morning hosts, and the aforementioned Manglass). 
Also, rumors are that the board-ops are treated and paid horribly. To see 
what a shame can arise in the name of more money.

Jason Bereza
Hudson Valley Radio Guide: http://radio.simplenet.com/jb/hvrg

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