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RE: Vikings upset Karmazin

I think this is primarily a bandwith thing, not wanting to bog down their
systems. I worked for a shore duty command that didn't let us dial up radio
stations, but we could have all the radios we wanted (or play our personal
CDs through the PC.

Ron Gitschier
High Seas - Caribbean
> At 09:11 AM 4/24/00 -0500, Ronald Steele wrote:
> >And it's debateable if it constitutes a "misuse" to listen to netcasts. I
> >bet you could find some company silly enough to let actual radios stay,
> but
> >block out netcasting sites. Now wouldn't THAT be irony?
> >Its misuse when the employees are taking up a noticable amount of the 
> >company's bandwith for personal use at the expense of slowing down the 
> >company's legitimate needs.  If the company's network is slowed down by a
> >number of workers listening to streaming audio, it cost the company
> money.
> Brian