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Re: Vikings upset Karmazin

At 04:44 PM 4/24/00 -0500, Ronald Steele wrote:
> >>Its misuse when the employees are taking up a noticable amount of the
> >>company's bandwith for personal use at the expense of slowing down the
> >>company's legitimate needs.  If the company's network is slowed down by a
> >>number of workers listening to streaming audio, it cost the company money.
>Then it would be interesting to see..how much bandwith it uses up at these

There was a similar problem a few years ago when Pointcast first came on 
the scene.  Workers would arrive at their desk and update their "news" 
screen savers and choke the network for the early part of the day.  A lot 
of companies ended up firewalling the Pointcast servers and/or banning the 
screen saver.  If you get 10+ employees listening to a stereo NetMedia or 
Real Audio feed, that's chewing up a bit of bandwith both on the Internet 
connection as well as the company's internal network.  Legitimate company 
traffic will be slowed down.


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