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Re: WNNW-AM 1110 on at night 4/19

>Chris Beckwith wrote:
>Pat Costa has always been cavalier about WNNW's daytime status.  I remember
>working with their contract engineer late one night and they were still on the
>air.  We just shook our heads...

        While I certainly accept as fact the various posts about WNNW
staying up late, I have many times heard their sign off on time. Although I
haven't heard it in several months now, it was the Star Spangled Banner
with a short announcement, in Spanish, either before or after the song, or
both. When the sign off was on the hour, they would run over by using the
CNN Spanish news on the hour for three minutes or maybe all five minutes,
then going into the  sign off.
        Another question about the WNNW operation would be, does the
station turn down its power down to a post-sunset authority power (500
watts or less) from its local sunset until sunset at Charlotte, which is
when it is supposed to get off.
        And, although I share the cynicism many people who post here have
regarding FCC enforcement of the rules, I would say, go ahead and write a
short letter, or an e-mail, when you have a problem like this. I've done it
a couple times in the past few years about stations staying on late or
running daytime power at night and actually gotten results.