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Interference on 710 (Was RE: WNNW-AM 1110 on at night 4/19)

>Dan Strassberg wrote:
>I think it's CKVM, Ville Marie, 10 kW-D/1 kW-N DA-N. The
>night array consists of three 60-degree towers in line
>spaced 90 degrees apart along an azimuth of 336 degrees.
>All of the signal is supposed to go north-northwest.

        That's always been my guess, although I've never gotten an ID.
Ville Marie is way out in western Ontario, and somewhat to the north, right
on the Ontario border, and the way the interference to WOR develops after
local sunset around here, I've jumped to the conclusion that it sounds like
a station to the west.

>Mike Fitzgerald wrote:
> Just a guess, CIPC(AM) 710 in Port Cartier,PQ?

        My 1997 National Radio Club list does not show this station. And
this speaks to another reason CKVM is my prime suspect. It's the only
French-language station on 710.


                        Have you attempted to patronize the skywave signal
                        of an AM Class A station today?