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Re: WRKO on a 50kW FM station?!?

Trans World Radio is alive & well.   I visited such  2 weeks ago.   The 
former 500,000-watt station (figure-8 pattern, north-south) on 800 kHz is now 
running only 100,000 watts,  mostly because of poor response from the United 
States and northern Caribbean.    They now want to center upon the ABC 
islands (Aruba Bonaire & Caracao, and also Trinidad) during the daytime (non 
directional) , and then at night, beaming south and broadcasting in Spanish, 
with also 100,000 watts. 
Their format is now contemporary-christian with mostly music, but with 
5-minute sermons interspersed evey now & then;  as opposed to their former 
format of all "preaching & teaching."  This change came about due to 
increased christian-radio competition (every island now has one!).   -    The 
tower site, amongst the salt flats on the southwest end of Bonaire now 
cosists of 4 very tall, well-maintained guyed towers.   When I first visited, 
in 1977,  there were dozens of towers there amongst the 4 AM towers, which 
were for their shortwave broadcasts, which are no longer in existence.  -  I 
have photos of that site taken about 5 years apart since 1977,  and each 
photo(s) show fewer and fewer towers.   
------------jibguy (purveyor of 250,000 milliwatts)
In a message dated 4/21/00 2:31:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
rac@gabriel.cambridge.ma.us writes:

<< Bonaire!  the home of Radio Nederland's Caribbean SW transmitter, and Trans
 World Radio's long-time operation on 800 kHz, which was audible as far 
 north as Portsmouth, NH.
 Ron, are you going to visit the stations while on the island?  (And is it 
 correct that TRW has closed?) >>