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Re: WRKO on a 50kW FM station?!?

In a message dated 4/20/00 1:34:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
mwaters@mail.wesleyan.edu writes:

         Who owns the jingles, etc., that we presume would be used
 (otherwise, it won't recapture the true sound of the station, although
 hearing the jocks would be good by itself). Does the current owner of the
 station own them? Does the jingle company own them?
         Does the current WRKO have to give permission for the jingles? Does
 i >>

Jingles companies commonly license stations to usedthem for 10 years.   After 
10 years, its up to the station to negotiate their use afterwards,  on the 
same station, mind you.     This discussion is theoretically on a different 
station, so permission must be granted for TWO reasons.

It's almost a moot point about the 10 year thing.... as most stationswear 
outtheir jingles in 2 or 3 years tops.  And even if they don't, new owners 
come in and change formats and call letters.   And even if theydon't, even 
NEWER jingles area way new corporate clonebots display their power.    -  So 
as you see, 10 years is a moot point.

I negotiated 20 years for the jinlges at WJTO & WJIB, and I'll probably still 
be usingthem then, as I do not use them often on the air.