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Fwd: Re: WNNW-AM 1110 on at night 4/19

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> Not on exactly the same subject....but I was driving a car that has a radio
> with the expanded band on 495 past Lawrence on Sunday, and heard 4 Spanish
> language stations on 1620, 1640, 1660, and 1690 kHz. Two were religious, and
> two were playing music.  They were not on the air when I went past the same
> area on Monday, however.
These stations have been on the air seemingly moving 
from frequency to frequency and operating with 
varying amounts of power for at least two years.  
They're hard to keep on a car radio because as I
travel along Rt 93, 495 or local roads I guess I'm
travelling into or out of their limited coverage
areas.  I gave up trying to figure out where they
are now that there are so many of them.  The earliest
one I picked up was at 1620, and I deduced it was in
Lawrence somewhere but I wasn't going to ride around
Beirut on the Merrimack trying to locate it.  The one
on 1660 is really blasted by the 1660 in Elizabeth,
NJ at night.
Follow-up:   WNNW has not been on the air at night 
since Wednesday.  I don't understand Spanish so I
don't know whether WNNW is locally produced or off a 
maybe it stayed on 4/19 because the automation 
didn't pull the plug at the assigned time. 
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