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Re: WNNW-AM 1110 on at night 4/19

Not on exactly the same subject....but I was driving a car that has a radio
with the expanded band on 495 past Lawrence on Sunday, and heard 4 Spanish
language stations on 1620, 1640, 1660, and 1690 kHz. Two were religious, and
two were playing music.  They were not on the air when I went past the same
area on Monday, however.

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Subject: WNNW-AM 1110 on at night 4/19

> Last summer, I reported that WNNW-AM 1110, Salem, NH
> was broadcasting (ie regular programming not just
> carrier frequency) for an hour and a half after local
> sunset AND on occasion keeping its carrier on all
> night.  This ceased after EST returned.  Well last
> night (April 19th) the station was on the air with
> recordings, announcers and CNN News (Say Ennay Ennay
> Noticias) until I went to bed at 11:00.  Is there
> something about daytimers on 1110 that they won't
> accept their daytime status?  This happened to
> the former WHIM, E. Providence too.  I'll keep
> checking but as I recall, its "backdraft" signal
> also reaches into the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts
> so you NH dwellers and folks in NE Mass may want to
> check it out too...it may just be a little intereference
> behind WBT, Charlotte, or you may find yourself getting
> an audible signal IF they persist.
> Laurence from Methuen
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