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Re: WRKO on a 50kW FM station?!?

As for the Drake jingles (WRKO)........the RKO ones were one of the 7 sets
recorded by the Johnny Mann Singers.  There is a legal mess regarding who
owns the rights to both the tracks and the Mann recorded versions.  The
tracks have been owned over the years by American Independent Radio
(Drake/Chenault), Tuesday Productions, Otis Connors Productions (did the
Oldies-103 version) and now they are in limbo.  As to who has the right to
license them.....that is anybody's guess.  I spoke to Bill Drake some years
ago about this and even he had no clue.  Johnny Mann is the best place to
start (although he owns the vocals, not the tracks).  I do know that I was
working at WBZ in the 70's when we had the "Grease Weekends".  To use the
"Bright Exciting WBZ" jingles from CRC Productions in NY we had to pay MORE
than it had first cost to produce them just to use them for a weekend.