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Re: WRKO on a 50kW FM station?!?

>Sean Smyth wrote:

>I know from what Shel wrote he would like to see a major FM station
>pick this up, but what would be wrong with WRKO doing it?
>Granted, it isn't FM, but it's still worth considering, especially since
>they've done it on July 4 in the past.

        Whadda ya mean suggesting it would be better on FM :) ? Just turn
the wideband switch on the AM side of your GE Superadio on and you'll be
all set. It should be on AM, so it sounds like it really sounded (sort of,

        The first time I heard them do the July 4th thing, the first year
they did it, I hanging out around the barbecue grille on the Cape and just
knowing it was blasting out on 680 kHz made it really right. I say, go for
the full nostalgia treatment, like restoring an old car to the OE specs.