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RE: WRKO on a 50kW FM station?!?

>Ron Gitschier wrote:
>        I believe I've read a few posts here in the past of where WRKO's
>(then) management really wasn't open to suggestions about their July 4th
>Holiday Special. Some of the email shared from the mangement made me feel
>that they didn't even care all that much about what went into their own

        Ron is too kind. WRKO has done that July 4th gig literally using
just two jingles. How is it that Shel Swartz can find hundreds of them?
It's thrown on as a cheap way to give the talent the day off. Last year
showed a little more effort, but that's not saying much. I'll omit my
1,000-word rant about exactly how it's a throw-away thing showing no real
sign of interest, effort or imagination.

        And, yes, someone who posts here sent an e-mail to the station at
least once a year or two or three ago about the low quality of the July 4th
programming and got back a snot-nosed snide reply from someone there. The
reply, which also was posted here, was completely unprofessional. I was