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RE: WRKO on a 50kW FM station?!?

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> From:	Smyth, Sean (NEE-TAB) [SMTP:ssmyth@cnc.com]
> Sent:	Thursday, April 20, 2000 1:54 PM
> To:	mwaters@mail.wesleyan.edu; SteveOrdinetz
>  Subject:	Re: WRKO on a 50kW FM station?!?
> I know from what Shel wrote he would like to see a major FM station
> pick this up, but what would be wrong with WRKO doing it? I would
> think that, wrapped around the July 4 holiday weekend, they could
> pitch it to advertisers and make a pretty good killing on it. And the
> station has a pretty good signal. Of course, WRKO could have to
> show some interest.
>  -Sean
	I believe I've read a few posts here in the past of where WRKO's
(then) management really wasn't open to suggestions about their July 4th
Holiday Special. Some of the email shared from the mangement made me feel
that they didn't even care all that much about what went into their own
production. Too bad they don't have someone, just like a number of us here
on the list, who grew up with the station and are passionate about the good
old days. It's far too common to see stations literally throw their history
(and artifacts to that end) in the Dumpster. I remember Scott F. talking
about an old jingle package that WBZ 1030 was chucking into the wastebaskets
(that thankfully, he dubbed before they were disposed of...) And don't even
get me started about what I'll term what was once the great pool "disposable
talent" across the dial!! (Radio or TV)


	Ron Gitschier
	Bonaire, Netherland Antillies
	Trying for AM 800 - CKLW via DX tonight --- LOL ;-) !