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Re: WRKO on a 50kW FM station?!?

The 93.7 TX is not on the Pru; it is on a slightly-over-
500' tower at the junction of Routes 128 and 1 (I 
believe) in Danvers or Peabody. The station is licensed 
to Lawrence and cannot move any closer to Boston because 
that would even further reduce the spacing to co-channel 
and adjacent-channel stations. I think the tightest 
short spacing is to 93.7 in the Hartford area.

When the station was owned by ARS, co-owned American 
Tower Systems constructed the tower and the station 
moved there from a site in or very close to Lawrence. 
Although ARS was absorbed by CBS, ATS is still very much 
alive and, as far as I know, still owns the tower, which 
hosts many communications antennas, as well as WQSX. I 
wouldn't be surprised to learn that ATS makes more money 
from the tower than Entercom makes from the radio 

> WQSX (star 93.7) would not be a very good match because its
> transmiter site is on the Prudential Center