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Re: WRKO on a 50kW FM station?!?

Mr. Waters writes:
>For the past several years, on July 4th, WRKO has done a day of
>music in which they use an old jingle, etc., so I wonder whether they're
>planning that again and, as Dan asked, whether the station would try to get
>in the way of this project.

I know from what Shel wrote he would like to see a major FM station
pick this up, but what would be wrong with WRKO doing it? I would
think that, wrapped around the July 4 holiday weekend, they could
pitch it to advertisers and make a pretty good killing on it. And the
station has a pretty good signal. Of course, WRKO could have to
show some interest.

Granted, it isn't FM, but it's still worth considering, especially since
they've done it on July 4 in the past. Personally, I prefer what WABC
did a couple of years ago on Memorial Day, having Scott Muni on
air for most of the day and doing some sort of Beatles promotion,
with a winner taking home a VW Beetle. (And it sounded pretty
good, too.)