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Re: WRKO on a 50kW FM station?!?

>Steve Ordinetz wrote:
>Who says it has to be on an Entercom station?  Entercom didn't own WRKO in
>their Top 40 days anyway.  Look at the WABC reunions on WCBS-FM.  WODS
>makes the most sense...at least they have the market heritage as an oldies
>station...105.7 can't seem to make up its mind what it wants to be.

        This planned broadcast raises a couple interesting questions, and
maybe this is along the lines of what Dan Strassberg had in mind in his

        Who owns the jingles, etc., that we presume would be used
(otherwise, it won't recapture the true sound of the station, although
hearing the jocks would be good by itself). Does the current owner of the
station own them? Does the jingle company own them?

        Does the current WRKO have to give permission for the jingles? Does
it have to give permission to use the call letters at all to identify
whatever station this is going to be on during the recreation broadcast?
Can some other station just go ahead and say "WRKO" 20 times during the
hour, then give its real legal ID on the hour, if it's only for one day and
maybe they put a disclaimer on once in awhile?

        For the past several years, on July 4th, WRKO has done a day of
music in which they use an old jingle, etc., so I wonder whether they're
planning that again and, as Dan asked, whether the station would try to get
in the way of this project.

        Generally, who owns/has the right to broadcast an old aircheck?
Does the person who was the performer have any rights based only on the
fact that he/she was the performer, regardless of ownership?