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Re: What You May See In The Cablevision/A T & T Broadband Deal

 PublicRef2 (aka Joe Gallant) wrote:

> (snip)
> One other thought: Since the "A T & T Channel" would be available to
> virtually every cable-TV home in the state, does anyone on this list
> think that channel might raise their sights even higher and begin to bid
> for syndicated off-network sitcoms? I believe there are a few regional
> L/O chanels in other parts of the country that are running syndicated
> shows, including off-network sitcoms. Sure, to acquire one or two
> "A-list" off-network sitcoms would be a loss leader for A T & T, but
> wouldn't the acquisition and broadcast of such shows attract viewers to
> an "A T & T Channel"?


> Joseph Gallant
> Reply to: <notquite@hotmail.com>

Up in Billerica(probably other Media One communities as well), the MediaOne
channel is already running Streets of San Francisco, Hogan's Heroes, and
Perry Mason (w/Raymond Burr) on weeknights.

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