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Re: WMAS Rumor

Also, keep in mind that Clear Channel stations in Hartford show up in the
Springfield book, particularly WKSS and WMRQ.  Those station shares, along with
the rest of the Springfield stations would put CC over the 40% share mark that
the Dept. of Justice does not like crossed.  They would also, in all
probability, control over 60% of the revenues, which also raises the red flags.
If Clear Channel bought WMAS-AM/FM, they would have to divest WPKX and at least
two of the AM's.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

Jason Bereza wrote:

> >While brining tomorrows programming log up to the mountain tonight, our
> >sales guy said there are rumors flying around in the area is that Clear
> >channel has made an offer to purchase WMAS (94.7/1450 Springfield)from
> >Lappin Communications.
> Wouldn't that conflict with anti-trust regulations, seeing that Clear
> Channel already owns 3 stations (WHYN, WNNZ, and WHYN-FM), and is getting
> one more (WPKX) in the AMFM merger. I know that the FCC is flagging Saga for
> only having 4 stations, would the same happen to the immense Clear Channel
> for having 6?
> Jason Bereza
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