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Re: I read the Wall Street Journal so you don't have to

I don't disagree entirely but holding down the supply of available ads can 
help keep ad rates high and increase profits over the long-term.  One of the 
continual problems in the Portland market is that with the glut of stations 
certain operators would continually drop rates and take what they could get 
to fill airtime.  This would put downward pressure on all rates in the 
market.  All stations have some flexibility in rates depending upon demand, 
but smart operators will set a rate below which they will not go.  They 
realize that it is more important to have some stability in rates than it is 
to take in a quick buck on a cut rate sale.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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Chuckigo@aol.com writes:

<<  but the 
 business is just that, a business, and if somebody wants to buy the minute, 
 especially when their own window of opportunity is narrowing, then someone 
 advertising will sell them that minute.   >>