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Rob Paraglia's Debut on Oldies 1.033e-2

I rolled a 90-minute cassette on Saturday night
at 10:00 for Rob Paraglia's Oldies 103.3 debut.

Listening to the first 45 minutes, it seems to 
me that he:

A. Sounds older than 17.  Good pipes.
B. Was a touch nervous (who wouldn't be).
C. Was quite "up", but not Bobby Boss-Jock.
D. Tended to start sound sources about 1/4
   second too early e.g. music stepped on
   jingles and commercials stepped on 
E. Seemed to just a bit uneasy with recorded 
F. Had a problem with levels e.g. fast jingle
   into "Everlasting Love" with a low-level,
   bass-based intro - song should have been
   cranked to match the jingle.  Unfamiliar 
   with the music?  Possibly his last station
   level-corrected when recording for cart/
G. Made no serious faux-pas.

Based on what I've heard, so far, I'd give him
a 'B'.

I understand Mark was listening around midnight,
perhaps he'd like to contribute.  Anybody else

Roger Kirk