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Media related, if not quite radio...

Has anyone seen USA Today today?  They've jumped on the Globe
bandwagon (to be fair, it's a national thing) and slimmed down the
width of the paper.  They've also introduced a (IMHO butt-ugly) 
new font.

What's more, the papers coming out of the Rochester printing plant
look like the Globes of recent weeks -- an inch of white space on
each side of the printed page.  (Can anyone explain to me why
the Washington Post could change page width literally overnight,
but the Globe takes six months?)

Anyway, my question to you all is this: Are the papers circulating
in New England cut to the proper new "slim" size...and if so, 
would anyone be willing to help aid the fire hazard that is my
attic by helping to pick one up for my collection?

As always, happy to reimburse for postage and the paper itself...

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