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RE: Herald blooper

Part of the prerequisite for writing Radio TV Columns, aside from having a
pulse and knowing how to spell should be a couple of years membership in a
radio/television newsgroup or other experience in the business where the
individual has networked connections in the business. Oops, I'm being way
too naieve here. Sorry. Hey how 'bout we throw in nominations for fellow
members to man that post...?

Ron Gitschier
Dutch Caribbean

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> From:	Bob Nelson [SMTP:theblues4u@yahoo.com]
> Subject:	Herald blooper
> We can't expect newspapers to always be correct when
> providing TV or radio info. One blooper in this
> department was in today's Boston Herald, 
> Wonder who proofreads the papers these days. A headline from today's
> Herald: "'Mudpie' to leaves (sic) its
> mark on Herald comics pages".