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Re: B101/Oldies 103 link part 15

The point of all this is not to slam the kid, or the other friends from
Providence that have 
landed jobs at Oldies since the arrival of their former boss.  The people
left at Oldies are
upset that it appears talent and experience no longer play a key role in
getting a job at Oldies 
but it matters more that you be a friend of the PD's.    Of the 7 hires
that the PD has made
since taking over 5 have come from his personal files (after a nationwide
search no doubt).
B101 is refered to as the farm club.


On Mon, 3 Apr 2000 09:57:00 -0400 "Smyth, Sean (NEE-TAB)"
<ssmyth@cnc.com> writes:
> Hey if the kid has the training and has worked in Providence, what 
> exactly
> is wrong with him working at Oldies? It doesn't matter if he is a 
> teen or
> not
>  -- if he has the talent and the voice, let him work. It really 
> angers me
> when
> people think this guy should not have the job, even though he's 
> gotten
> what I think is a good amount of experience working in a top 100 
> market.
>  -Sean