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RE: B101/Oldies 103 link part 15

Dave passed this on:

> The latest from the rumor mill (actually from ...(name deleted)...down
> at B101) is that Rob Perella (sp?) a teen protege of
> Herr Morgan's will take over what was Jason Wright's Saturday
> Night shift (10p-2a), which Little Walter has been
> covering. This guy is one of the biggest suck-ups I've
> seen come down the pike...I wonder if John has covered
> his union dues. Just what Oldies needs - a high
> schooler following the Sandman....
> Nothing suprises me anymore....

Hey if the kid has the training and has worked in Providence, what exactly
is wrong with him working at Oldies? It doesn't matter if he is a teen or
 -- if he has the talent and the voice, let him work. It really angers me
people think this guy should not have the job, even though he's gotten
what I think is a good amount of experience working in a top 100 market.