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Re: B101/Oldies 103 link part 15

Dave writes:
>The point of all this is not to slam the kid, or the other friends from
>Providence that have
>landed jobs at Oldies since the arrival of their former boss.  The people
>left at Oldies are
>upset that it appears talent and experience no longer play a key role in
>getting a job at Oldies
>but it matters more that you be a friend of the PD's.    Of the 7 hires
>that the PD has made
>since taking over 5 have come from his personal files (after a nationwide
>search no doubt).
>B101 is refered to as the farm club.

If that's your beef, then I'll agree with you. The clique mentality exists
in all
professions, so it's not limited to just Oldies 103. However, they should
be going after the best talent out there -- it's a top-10 market station.
on the sruface there is nothing inherently wrong with hiring someone from
that station if they have the talent; heck, it's in a middle-sized market
a solid station. It's not like they are coming from Coure D'Alene, Idaho, or

Mitchell, S.D., or some other obscure small market. Anyone working in
Providence has likely paid their dues in the business.

The problem I had wasn't with you so much, David; the forwarded e-mail
which you send along to us took a pretty nice swipe at the kid and, IMHO,
it was pretty uncalled for. It's not HIS fault that someone wants to hire
up here in Boston and the motivations may be more political than anything.