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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch: Nassau, Ackerley Grow; We Rant About LPFM

Guess it is a legal as the drop ins WBUR does all day :)

In 2001 Staten Island is moving to a new state of the art stadium in
downtown Staten Island ( next to the ferry terminal) with a outfield view of
the Manhattan skyline. The Queens team is owned by the New York Mets but
will be a Blue Jays farm club for this season. They had plans to move to
Brooklyn but somehow it fell thru

Pittsfield will be the Mets club this season even though the Mets own


> In a message dated 3/31/00 6:46:57 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> kvahey@mediaone.net writes:
> << WSIA is expected to have the same deal as last season with Staten
>  Island.....
>  "the next inning will be brought to you byBurker King on Victory Blvd"
>  St Catherines has wound up in Queens ( Queens Kings) and will play at St
>  John's Univ >>
> Wait a minute, is that legal for them to do? How can a non-comm
> station be running a plugola, in that form, on its airwaves? I guess that
> gets into the whole underwriting issue.
> Does St. John's have a radio station at all (even carrier current) which
> games could air on, at least home games? (And what organization are the
> affiliated with?)
> What a contrast. You have the Lowell Spinners playing in a gorgeous
> in Lowell and you have other teams in this league playing in college
> sandlots.
> -Sean