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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch: Nassau, Ackerley Grow; We Rant About LPFM

In a message dated 3/31/00 7:08:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
kvahey@mediaone.net writes:

<< The Queens team is owned by the New York Mets but
 will be a Blue Jays farm club for this season. They had plans to move to
 Brooklyn but somehow it fell thru >>

I had heard that Brooklyn was going to be home to a Mets' farm team, though 
at one point I thought it was supposed to be a AA team. I wonder how the 
Kings will draw in Brooklyn -- and what media coverage, if any, they'll get. 
I am sure the SI Advance covers the SI Yanks pretty regularly, but if I am 
not mistaken there aren't any dailies in Queens. And none of the Big 3 
(Times, Post, Daily News) would likely do anything serious with them.

And you're right about the new park in the shadows of the Verrazzano -- 
that'll probably have the best sightlines of any baseball stadium in the 
country, unless the Spinners' park at the base of the Merrimack counts. <g>