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"A rumor has been circulating since 1975 that Madalyn Murray O'Hair, a
widely known, self-proclaimed atheist, proposed that
the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) consider limiting or banning
religious programming. This rumor is not true. It
also has been circulated repeatedly that Ms. O'Hair was granted an FCC
hearing to discuss that proposal. This too is untrue. 

There is no federal law or regulation that gives the FCC the authority to
prohibit radio and television stations from presenting
religious programs. Actually, the Communications Act (the law that
established the FCC and defines its authority) prohibits the
FCC from censoring broadcast material and interfering with freedom of
speech in broadcasting. 

The FCC cannot direct any broadcaster to present, or refrain from
presenting, announcements or programs on religion, and the
FCC cannot act as an arbitrator on the insights or accuracy of such
material. Broadcasters, not the FCC, nor any other
governmental agency, have the responsibility for selecting the programming
that is aired by their stations. "


Scott J. Saloway      
Assistant Producer/On-Air Promotions and Fundraising
WBUR Radio, Boston    
I do not represent Boston University or any other entity.             
My opinions are mine and mine alone.                                 

On Fri, 31 Mar 2000, Dave Faneuf wrote:

> I got this email from a distant relative, this is a new one on me is it
> one of those email myths or is there some truth to it?
> df
> S A V E    T H E    W O R D