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Re: Frank Sunday Out At WCCM??

In the not-too-distant past, most radio stations, and certainly most
small-market radio stations, were small businesses. Until (401k)s debuted
maybe 10 years ago, very few small businesses offered pension benefits. So
not many people who retired from small-market radio had any sort of pension
other than Social Security to fall back on. Larger companies, such as Clear
Channel and Infinity, probably offer penions. A few employees probably
actually work for one of those outfits long enough to become vested. When
one of those lucky few inevitably gets sent to the beach, he or she can roll
the company share of pension contributions into an IRA. (That's assuming
that another job comes along before it becomes necessary to tap into the
rollover to pay the rent.) Then, with a strong stock market and wise
investments, the person can look forward to living above the poverty level
in retirement. A tidy inheritance or a trust fund can come in _really_


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><< Frank left WCCM and is now doing sales at WNBP in Newburyport. >>
>This makes me think of another subject, one which most on-air folks may not
>consider too much for some years but has to be important. With someone like
>Frank, who was at WLLH for 30 (?) years before going to WCCM and now WNBP,
>how does one secure his/her "pension" and golden-years future, especially
>when most small-market on-air personalities make peanuts? I know a lot of
>times, unfortunately, it means going off-the-air and heading into a more
>lucrative field (publicity or whatever it may be) to help secure your
>Does anyone care to comment, as this aspiring broadcaster likes to look at
>the big picture and doesn't want to end up broke in 20-30 years.