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Re: The official word on WCBS and its meterologists

>Sean Smyth wrote:
>Found this New York Post article out on the web. And, yes, Mr. Waters, the
>Weather Channel is supplying WCBS (AM) with weekend weather reports -- as
>well as turning to Metro/Shadow for traffic 24-7.

        I still have not looked at the NY Post article. But I can report
that the WCBS (AM) weathercasters this afternoon are being credited as the
Weather Channel even though, despite my big wish, it's not the weekend
right now.
        It has sounded like maybe the Weather Channel has hired some of the
former WCBS weather staff and maybe is running them out ofa  NYC office.
It's definitely not the names/voices of regular national TWC television
weathercasters, as I've heard on other radio stations using TWC service.