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WBZ tower work (OR, How I know if it's stormy in Boston)

        I and a couple others here have asked in the past several weeks
what's up with WBZ sometimes apparently still running on low power part of
the time. I learned that indeed the tower work in Hull is still underway,
in its later stages. Last fall was mainly painting. In February and this
month, it's been work on the guy-wire bases and tower bases and replacement
of the insulators. Now, the installation of additional guy wires is being
carried out, and that will be the end, within the next few weeks or sooner,
I guess.
        I also learned that some improvements have been made to the
auxiliary antenna in Allston, but don't know specifics.
        So, indeed they have been running low power again this late
winter-early spring on most weekdays, as they are right now. How I knew it
was raining yesterday in Boston was that they were not on low power.