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Re: Aurora Radio Group

>Pete Kemp wrote:
>should be noted that WICC dropped talk a few weeks ago and the WPUT/WINE
>duo switched to MOYL, around the same time.

        I'm not sure I understand this statement. WICC is still an
old-fashioned full-service station. As I'm fond of saying, must be the only
1 kW D / 500w N station with its own traffic airplane.
        It has been in recent years bird-feed talk or local brokered-out
talk/infomercial type shows after 7 p.m. Maybe that's what has been
dropped? I have not listened after 7 p.m. in recent weeks, partly because
the programming is / has been so bad.
        But, WICC never has stopped doing music, in stereo. (It's basically
all oldies; Fats Domino is on right now at 1244pm). It never has had a
format that by any stretch could be called talk. Do you mean they dropped
the talk portion of their programming, which, as I said, was pretty much
all at night anyhow?
        It's basically been a news-info. format with music from 6 a.m. to 2
or 3 p.m. PM drive had been local call-in talk, with an occasional song
(yeah, I know, a little weird). But sometime last year, many months ago, it
changed the PM drive show away from call-in. Jim Buchanan, same host, has
continued. I think he still takes an occasional call and maybe does a few
interviews, but basically he's playing music. He was just mentioned on a
promo, so he's still on.
       WICC started carrying the Yankees a couple seasons ago (first time
anyone so close to NYC got an affiliation). I believe they only have
carried night games on weekdays and all weekend games, and can't say for
sure that they're carrying the Yankees again this season.