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Re: Aurora Radio Group

At 08:00 PM 3/28/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I have to agree with Dan on this one. I remember being in my
>Grandmother's basement in Springfield, listening to a boy scout
>troop visiting the studios, on a little 1970's panasonic AM only
>radio back in 1992.
> >So what is WICC doing now? WICC is arguably
> >Connecticut's best AM signal--despite its low power (1
> >kW-D/500W-N DA-2) and the presence of 50 kW Class A WTIC
> >in Hartford. The excellent dial position (600 kHz)

I miss the days of Service-Six and all their drop-in spots in the 
60s.  "Theodore Bulbhead on Flowers for Service 6", always got my attention 
:) For those unfamiliar, these were not jokes but regular informational 
spots aired on the station.  I have to agree, WICC's signal is excrllent 
for a 1,000 watter. Dial position is the deciding factor.  If it were 
relegated to a higher position, it never would have achieved its success 
through the years.