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Re: News Radio & Ethics

On 28 Mar 00, at 10:57, Shawn Mamros wrote:

> Going back to the "golden age" of radio, there were many announcers
> who read both news and commercials.  Those announcers probably didn't

> think of themselves as journalists, which is probably where the
> distinction lies.

My own personal policy is that I do news, not commercials.  I have 
no problem doing billboards, as long as they do not infer that I am 
endorsing the product.

It only became an issue once, at my former station, when it was 
suggested that I go out and sell spots to run on my news.  I 
pointed out that my objectivity might be called into question if there 
was a controversy involving someone who I may have had as a 

That ended that discussion then and there.

My current employer has been great about letting the news 
department do news....period.

Dan Cole